Holocaust Memorial

A architectural competition on Atlantic City boardwalk to commemorate the Holocaust.
The concept was – Rights + Hope = Humanity
A black stone mass stack protrudes from the sea, the hand of human RIGHTS – unbreakable, steadfast, immovable. Into it is cast the Declaration of Human Rights in the 6 official UN languages, preserving it forever with the collective memory of the past.

It meets the palm of the other great hand – HOPE – full of light – laser etched glass containing the smiles and hopes of future generations – 375 in total representing all the languages of the Earth.

Precipitating from this unity of past and future is the present – HUMANITY. Beneath these 2 mighty forces exist the best humankind can be. In this space of reflection and energy mankind can regenerate itself, remind itself of love, compassion, freedom, dignity and resonate these feelings from this place of absolute humanity and equality across the globe, radiating its simple but powerful message – HOLOCAUST – NEVER AGAIN.